Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Aylesbury - Still one day to go!

Well, nothing much has changed, but at least I have left home. Cyclists always complain of a headwind and true to form as I cycled away from my house it was into wind and rain, the only thing missing was a puncture.

I paid visits to four people and only one of whom was there and they were just on their way out. I wouldn't have been so suprised if they knew I had been on my way around.

I felt shattered having only gone to bed at 04:45 and got up again at 06:15. As expected things were a last minute rush. I stayed with a friend in Witney and it wasn't long before I was falling asleep in front of the cup final.

On Monday morning I spent more time socialising with friends near Witney before setting off to stay with sister Aoiffe in Aylesbury, where I will spend a couple of days sorting out one or two last minute details. The ride over was uneventful apart from the shock of the weight of the bike causing a considerable reduction in speed, but it does go down hill pretty quickly.

Tomorrow is the real start of the journey. I head off across London to stay with my Audax friend Tim Wainwright in Croydon and from there I will hopefully have his company down to the south coast. The plan is to take the 15:30 ferry on Friday from Newhaven to Dieppe.

It has been hard to say all the goodbyes and it still hasn't really sunk in that I will be away for a long period of time.

Next time this blog is updated I will be in France and there will hopefully be a little bit more to say as I settle in to my new lifestyle.


Caff said...

Go get on yer bike and on your way
These goodbyes have sent our b/p's all affray!
Whatever you do, keep safe and well
But above all make sure the time you have is really swell!
Our thoughts and prayers will be with you........
so if the mountain is too high and you are feeling blue
remember the love and support of your family and friends
and may God's blessing be with you every mile you pedal of the way:-) xxxxxxx

aoiffe said...

Now you have fixed my computer you can push off...and you have eaten all my white magnums

aoiffe said...

Well, it feels very strange now you have left here, knowing that i won't see you again for some months. Still what a way to set out - blistering heat, a ride through central London ahead of you, and a ferry crossing at the start of half term. it can only get better.

aoiffe said...

Can I throw the tea bag away now?

brianc said...

Not trying to put floats on your bike & cycle across the channel?

Henry T. said...

John, my old friend, I am so computor illiterate(coupled with the fact I drink too much Vodka late at night anyway). I just hope these contributions of mine reach you. You seem to have found a genuine new circle of friends, I join with them in wishing you well.I will forever appreciate our LE/JOG adventure.

Henry T. said...

caff, aoiffe, brianc would you be kind enough to get in touch with me, please?

John and I go back some way together, I should like to tie up a few loose ends and maybe chat to you all. Many thanks.

Henry T.

caroline said...

Having been mentioned a couple of times in John’s submissions to date and being largely responsible for the overuse of the word ‘filth’ (although wholly justified in my opinion) I felt it was about time I made a contribution.
Although I can’t understand why anyone should want to bring down upon themselves the discomfort of sleeping in a tiny tent night after night, I can admire and respect the courage it must take to embark on such a journey.
As we all know, though, behind every adventurer is a support team and, having known John’s sister Cathy for a number of years and recently had the pleasure of meeting another of his sister’s, Aoiffe, I can begin to appreciate the extent of the support team that is behind John in the shape of his family. This team must surely be a great source of strength in those difficult, dark moments that are bound to come along from time to time.
John - your departure, as you know, has left a strange kind of hole. However, no doubt, in time, it can be filled with something more enriching than cleaning your (dare I say it!) filthy cupboards. And I am really looking forward to your numerous entries to this blog - so I can be an adventurer by proxy (beats that tent). So no slacking!

Henry T. said...

John, I am soo pleased to let you know that your sister Caff has just emailed me. How nice to get in touch with each other after a break of nearly eight years. I shall reply to her "off-line" when she goes back to work after the Bank Holiday. Meanwhile all power to your legs old friend(looking at your ready-to-go pic it looks as if you have some gloriously low "granny" gears for the assault ahead. God's Speed.

aoiffe said...

Well as you cycle to Paris I can only hope that you haven't had the torrential rain that we have had here today.It might be a good test of both your tent and your endurance though! Did you think of packing a snorkel?