Friday, 8 June 2007

Day 16 - Interlaken

This place is outrageous expensive, so I will keep it short and sweet and photos will have to wait for another day. Also now on German keyboard which is different again.

Left Orleans in sunshine only to have hailstones thrown at me, but I was called over to shelter in a warehouse and was give excellent alternative route which I followed.

The few days across France were pretty uneventful apart from 3 punctures in one day caused by a slipping rim tape that I couldnt keep in place and I did not carry a spare. Got a spare on Lons, different to the old one and is plastic but at least it is doing the job and the problems are over.

The was a good climb up over the Jura mountains in Switzerland giving excellent views of Lake Geneva. Met the Swiss army in the campsite shower block at Rolle. Thay are not staying there just using the showers. Aparently they have excellent knives but no showers.

Also met Martin from Plymouth at the same campsite who is cycling from Paris to Rome. We stuck together the following day for a fantastic ride along the banks of Lake Geneva. We managed to fiind a great cycle route through the towns of Luasanne and Montreax and the rest of the roads were bedside impossibly steep vineyards and the lake.

We split up yesterday as we are taking different routes through the Alps as I head across towards Vienna. The climb was once again tremendous with fantastic view of Alpine villages, lovely wooden churches and endless Swiss chalets.

I have acquired a bad cough which I hope wont get any worse and slow me down.

I had intended making comments on your posts, but that too will have to wait for another day, but keep them coming, I enjoyed reading them.


Rosemary said...

Ah, Interlaken - Between the Lakes.

I hope you found the Hooters restaurant there - if you didn't, this is what you missed...

Harpo said...

Nope, that comment was definitely not from Rose - she was not that impressed with Hooters. An opinion not held by myself.

brianc said...

"Met the Swiss army in the campsite shower block...."
Wot? All of them? Must have been a tight squeeze!