Monday, 11 June 2007

Day 19 - Vaduz (Liechtenstien)

Its all way too expensive around here so it is short and sweet again. I expect it to be pricey in Austia so you will have to wait until after the for more details.

The last to days from Interlaken has been through the Alps with some serious climbs, but the scenery has been spectacular. On Saturday I passed glaciers and as the road rose above them you could look down and see tiny specs that were people walking on it. I am just about the slowest bike on the climbs, but with a bike weighing in at around 70kg that is hardly surprising. Most are racing cyclists carrying nothing at all. The worst bit of it is all the motorbikes. There is a constant flow of them and they outnumber cars by about 10:1. Having said that it has been the weekend so it might calm down during the week. Some days I have ridden less than 100k and still done over 2300m of climb. Audaxers reading this will realise that means lots of climbing.

Today has been a flat day, well as flat as it can be in the Alps. Liechtenstien is only about 30k from north to south (less east to west). I had a look around Vaduz which is nothing special before going for a tour around the north and I was back with 2 hours.

I have settled nicely into a camping way of life and I am really enjoying it. I am sure it will change in time but I have no desire to find a bed at the moment. The hissing sound of the stove as you start the first brew of the evening is just wonderful. Ok cooking has to be kept simple, but it is just great being outside. I am using campsites at the moment even though camping wild at times has been an option, but I do enjoy a shower and I will save the wild camping for when I need to.

Camping the couple of nights with Martin was good (see photo) and that has kept me going for a few days. Martin is another person I could happily ridden with for a period of time and was very easy to get on with. As with Simon and Danni, I felt as though we had been travelling together for ages.

Do I miss anything from home? Well I am missing Caroline and that is about it. Ok, ok, I am missing my family too, but the home comforts, television, football, etc, no I havent missed them at all, I dont even think about them, but I am sure time will change.
I have added a few more piccies of France and some for Switzerland, but time is money.


Caff said...

Overheard someone today talking about the Swiss Army - I wonder if they had met them at the same loo block you had!!
Met a couple from Preston whilst I was having an adventurous swim in the flat Salina Bay (no mountains for me to climb!). These people have taken a year off to explore the great outdoors. Doing what? Vegging out in Malta - honestly some people have no sense of adventure!

dad said...

No, I didn't take Cathy out for a meal on her birthday, she prefers pot plants, which I don't think are nearly so tasty!

Lorna said...

Enjoying keeping up with your travels - Switzerland and Liechtenstein bring back lots of happy memories, but it just wears me out thinking about all those hills on a bicycle! The camping sounds fun though. Hope the cough is better!