Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Day 41 - Some place east of Budapest

Well I hadnt intended to post so soon after the last one but it is too hot for cycling all day, so this is my chance to get out of the sun for a little while, consequently there is not much to report.

Yesterday was a bit of a downer, being on my own again, plus the pleasures of cycling out of a big city in the heat. At least it was flat for a change as climbs as well as busy roads would all have been too much. Actually it was just down right boring, but the kilometres passed by fairly quickly and I end up at a campsite with a spa bath, not that I used it mind.

Today has been a bit better, still outrageously flat and still around 35 degrees, but not too much traffic and a few lakes and rivers to ride along side and its been quite enjoyable. I have ridden about 67k so far today and there is another campsite 30k further on but I might just carry on a camp wild somewhere as it seems too early to stop.

Thanks for the advice on the sausages Aoiffe, they sound disgusting. I did eat one in Budapest but it was nothing to write home about so I wont. I am still without a map of Ukraine, so it should be a bit of fun to start with.

The photos havent been taken with a tripod Cath, but I will use it for self taken photos, not that I take too many of those. The roof was just taken with a very steady hand and a little help for a camera with a anti shake detection thingy.

The for the offer of another bed Harpo, but as stated in my previous post the bed is an over rated luxury. I am actually getting used to sitting outside without a seat and I realised last night that I was enjoyed just sitting on the ground. Its amazing how few luxuries you need in life, but I am sure once I get back I will slip back in to the old habits, like sitting on chairs etc.

Nik Windle sent me an email and said he had been tracking my progress on Autoroute and that he thought I had done about 3000k. Very impressive as at the time I had just topped 3200k, just over 2000 of those old fashioned things. Progress does seem to have been remarkably slow, but I am in no real rush and I havent exactly taken the shortest route, and nor will I do so in the coming weeks. I would guess that through Turkey and Iran I will start to take a more direct route as the countries start to get much bigger.


aoiffe said...

The injustice of life...for you it is too hot to cycle whilst here thunder roams dicontentedly around the heavens and the rain continues to rival Noah's experience.
We are thinking of kitting out Holly dog with wellies and a flotation suit for her walks.

aoiffe said...
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