Thursday, 12 July 2007

Day 50 - Vinnytia

Oops, another one I am not sure how you spell it, but the Vinn bit is right.

Having used the internet yesterday, there was confusion when I left as they would not accept any money from me. I did my best to give them some money but they just laughed, still it would only have been about 40p as that is the hourly rate here, better than the 9 pounds in Switzerland. When I left it made me wonder if I had just walked into an office and used one of their machines, but they did give me permission.

There is not much to report as I only updated yesterday, but as today was another short day and this place isnt over exciting I thought I would catch up on emails etc.

I was glad to be in a hotel last night as the weather turned bad again in the afternoon and seemed to be raining most of the night and was still raining when I got up. The hotel didnt do breakfast so I stopped at a bar down the road (yes, Harpo they did have them) where even my pointing could not be interpretted by the girl serving. There wasnt much to point at and I thought I made a pretty good job of it, but the poor girl didnt have a clue and had to go and get her boss, who could understand what I was pointing at the the problem was resolved. Hmm, lovely stale bread and manky meat, good choice, may be she just couldnt believe that I wanted to eat that, but it looked reasonable before I bit into it!

The route was easy and once I had translated the place name navigation was a doddle as it was well signposted, added to that the road rolled but much more gently than of late. I got here at around 2pm and found that 2 hotels were full, frankly I dont think they liked the look of a sweaty old cyclist, well one was the Savoy! Another seemed to double the price to the printed one, probably for the same reason, so once again I am in the big concrete Soviet style hotel with the service to match.

I think I needed a couple of short days for both body and soul. I would ideally like to finish no later than 18:30 but since I have been here it has been 19:30 - 21:00, due to the lack of places to stay and limited camping places. I do feel better for the last two days, but another early night is in order. Actually, one of the problems with hotels is that I seem to get away later than if I were camping, so the day is always off to a bad start, apart from the fact that I like the lie in and the breakfast.

Other than the above, my spirits have been pretty good. I thought I might struggle being alone for so long, but that hasnt been a problem, helped by the better communications that are available these days.

So what now. I did toy with the idea of going to Kiev, but it is still a couple of days away, so I will probably turn south tomorrow and make my way to Moldova. Looking at the map for tomorrow there seems very little chance of a hotel, so it will be wild camping again, but I will make sure I find a place earlier and the same goes for water supplies.


MartinT said...

Been enjoying your blog John. Audax distances carrying 70kg over Alpine passes? Well, we can be sure we'll have difficulty keeping up with you on Audaxes when you finally return. You wondered where next - well, you could be one of the first people to cycle between the (just announced) "new 7 wonders of the world" - except you would have to back to Italy (Colosseum), then Jordon (Petra), in which case you might as well do Egypt (Pyramids), then Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China. And of course then you would have to extend the trip to South America - Christ redeemer Rio de Janiero, Machu Picchu Peru and Chichen Itza Mexico. Hmmmm... on the other hand, maybe not.

adwords said...

Sorry for not saying hello earlier John! Its Pete your old IT chum :) Wow, amazing cyclying stuff m8. I'm totally jealous about your trip and continue to stay an incredible hulk shade of green whilst typing this :) :) Your blog looks great as well, you didn't need me !

Keep on cyclying, ding, ding!

p.s. Don't forget my stone from every country you visit!