Sunday, 22 July 2007

Day 60 - Ordoheui

Well I am getting used to the alarm going off at 4:45 and I only need one Chris, the other one doesnt work as it has said for the last 2 months that the battery is too low. The best time of day is between 6am and 8am, being nice and fresh and the sun casting lovely long shadows.

I am back in the Carpathian mountains, whuch I passed through in the other direction in Ukraine. The climbs are ok, never too long or high and nice and gradual and the scenery has definately improved. I stopped for lunch yesterday in the shade as there was a destinct lack of power in the legs. I decided to rest up in a village about 10k further on before finding a place to sleep, under a bush somewhere. I carried on and literally around the next bend was a campsite, the first I have seen in weeks. It seemed to good to miss so I went in. They had hut for 15 lei, 3 pounds, which were way to hot inside, or a nice cool room in a house for 30 lei. A cool room, bliss, so I payed with a 50 lei note and he told me he would bring back the change later. About an hour later he return with food, a loaf of bread, salad veg, pickled veg, goats cheese and a delicious looking coconut slice. The cynic in me told me I wouldnt be seeing my change, but being a cyclist I had no trouble in eating a second lunch, but the coconut slice was a bit of a shock as it turned out to be very salty pig fat, yuk! I still ate some of it though as I thought I probably needed the salt. He later brought in a friend who spoke good English and translated for him and I told him I didnt want any more food bought as I decided pasta would be a good option tonight. Whilst I was still eating a car turned up and in came soup, boilded potatoes and a meat dish, enough for about 6! Being polite I had a second dinner too, but I was right I didnt get my change as strangely enough each meal came to exactly 10 lei each. His English speaking friend returned in the evening and brought me a jar of honey from the hives that are just across the road. He told me that this is the hottest spell in Romania for 100 years, so just think yourselves lucky at home with all that lovely rain.

Today was another 6am start and a long gradual climb before the best descent in weeks on a good road surface passing a stream and a large lake where people were camping wild. I even passed a large campsite with people camping, I was the only one there last night, but it was about 30k short of where I wanted to be and I still dont fancy an afternoon in the sun, so I carried on to here and have stopped in a hostel in a room on my own. Even in a hostal I am Billy No Mates! I nearly always get the furthest room from the reception and by the time I have carried 7 bags 3 water bottles and a bike up the stairs I am knackered. It was just breaking into the 40s as I arrived, so well timed. After a rest I have walked around town where there is nothing happening being a Sunday, but a gentle stroll is still hard work and a temperature readout down the road reads 56, a bit high I think, but certainly in the mid 40s.

Actually, its amazing how quick the body adjusts to different temperatures. I always find 30 degrees too hot for me, but at the moment I am finding it very comfortable, somewhere the the 20s would be most welcome though.

Tomorrow is a short day, only 50k, so a bit of a lie in. I still want to be away early though, its worth it for those couple of cool hours.


Rosemary said...

Would welcome some sun! Saw huge wave of water off the Downs (Chievely A34 area) en route for Chichester (camping), roads and villages impassable - flooding very bad in Glos.

w.b.w. Rose

Caff said...

"The sun casts lovely long shadows...". Could you take a photo of that because I've forgotten what that lovely sounding image looks like!! :-)

Caff said...

Oh and Rose, how did you know that wave of water was going to Chichester?!! :-)