Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Day 56 - Chisinau

My night in Edinet was just terrible. I was bugged the whole time by mosquitos in my hotel room and it was too hot. I would have slept uncovered but had to have a sheet to keep the mossies off, but then I just sweated buckets and couldnt stand it so left myself a bit uncovered, then they just helped themselves and that was making me sore. I kept getting up to kill few more, but it never seemed to make any difference. I put a buff over my head and ears and wrapped myself in the sheet so that only my nose and mouth were visible and they still hassled me. I swore at them alot, but they still didnt get the message. I even tried to find another room to sleep in but all the doors were shut. I know I didnt get any sleep before 3am but I must have got some after that.

It was 200k to Chisinau, 2 days riding, but the only place likely to have a hotel was Balti after just 70k, and so I stopped there. It was the hotest day so far at 42 degrees and to be honest that was about as much as I wanted to do in that heat as I was already beginning to hurt, especially my right foot, the left being more shaded. You are right Brian, I would have been better off going to Birmingham for a Balti as the place I chose wasnt really up to it. The waitress sat down beside me and recommended a meal, at least I think that is what she was doing, and all I got was the usual steak and chips, steak being any old bit of fried meat and is nothing particulary appertising.

Yesterday started well but declined rapidly in the afternoon. No mossies, so I had a good nights sleep and set off at about 7:45 when it was 27 degrees, but it had been all night. First 60k was easy and comfortable and temp rose to mid 30s. Stopped at a well to refill bottles and put socks on. I soaked my socks before I set off and that really seemed to do the trick as my feet were beginning to hurt and I expected an afternoon of pain, but there was none, problem solved.

The next bit was reasonable too, but getting much hotter, up to 45 and over 40 the whole time, but I was still going well, when I stopped at another well for a bite to eat in the shade and pour nice cold water over my head. From then on it was just tough as it started to roll the whole time and with 20k to go I started feeling unwell and I really wasnt enjoying it and just wanted to get out of the sun and into the cool. It was just a slog and a very slow one to Chisinau and then finding a hotel was challenging when I didnt need it to be. The one I am in is by default (photo) really as I felt really bad and couldnt be bothered to look for any other hotels.

Today has been spent doing my washing and wandering around Chisinau, which is nothing special. The is one main drag and a couple of nice churches (photo) and that is about it, but it has been enough to keep me entertained for one day, although this afternoon was really too hot even for just wandering around slowing so I returned to the hotel at 3:30pm and just rested.

To be honest I am not looking for to cycling at the moment as this heat is really too much for me. Tomorrow will be about 100k and I will hopefully set off at about 6am as it is defineately more managable in the morning, after that I will see what happens.

Dont worry I have plenty of photos of doors and windows as you might expect after 8 weeks on the road, but I am trying not to bore you all too much, so a small selection is all you are going to get.

And that another thing, I have been going 8 weeks and where has the time gone? I dont feel as though I have got very far, but I have taken a few diversions so it has hardly been the shortest route. Having said that Places like Switzerland seem as long time ago and a long way off. After this trip a 2 or 3 week holiday wont seem worth the effort!


S said...

The 4 day weather forecast for Romania (there is no weather in Moldova) is 39-40 degs - just to warn you.You say that a 3 week holiday will not be worth taking, do you still feel like you are holiday?

dad said...

I have just caught up with your photos so I am pleased there is nothing much to look at at the moment. Sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. We sampled the mosquitos in Tunisia, and know what it's like. Forecast here for Saturday is torrential rain (3-4 inches) working up from the south, you would love that.

Caff said...

When you think about returning home you may want to consider exchanging your bike for a boat. It is possible by that time the UK may look more like Venice!!!

I've started the blueprints for planning to build an ark. I'm going out this weekend to sell my golf equipment so that I can buy a wet suit, several oxygen tanks and flippers!!!! :-)

Lorna said...

Wow! I've just caught up with all your adventures and experiences through the last 4 countries and I'm left speechless. Well almost:-) With a little more detail you'll certainly be able to take on Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman (Long Way Round)!!

brianc said...

If you want to get rid of mossies, you should try talking loudly about bell ringing - that usually works if you want to clear a pub/bar of people!